Product Catalog

Set products in an organized way to manage business efficiently

Inventory Tracker

Utilize inventory status to monitor and communicate as and when the items are received, transferred, or orders are fulfilled

Inventory at all Locations

Create and distribute inventory to your numerous online sales channels, warehouses, stores, and any other locations where you keep stock

Product Category

Categorize the products into groups according to their type, brand, size, cost, and other factors. Utilize sophisticated software to place orders for products based on vendor, pricing, and inventory levels

Scanner or Bar Code

Create new barcodes or assign existing ones to products to manage inventory and expedite checkout


Add as many products and variances as you want to your POS

POS Module

Controlling and managing people at the counter

Managing People

Manage your staff, working hours, and sales performance which helps to track their productivity

Access to Staff

Ascertain that staff are assigned custom roles and have the access to perform their duties


Specify when and from whom the staff should take approvals for applying discounts or editing taxes


Taxes are applied automatically based on the store’s location. If necessary, provide an option to disable the feature or set custom taxes for a specific product or order

Printed Receipts

Tailor-made printed receipts with promotions, website URL, working hours of the store, or any change in policies


Apply discounts in currency or percentages to entire carts or specific products, for your online and retail businesses

Exchange policy

Automate exchange of products previously bought from any online or retail store and update inventory

Digital Receipts

Send customized email or SMS digital receipts to customers and develop a customer base for re-engagement

Check Out

Enable customers to checkout from anywhere by using their phone or tablet

Cash Transactions

Accept cash payments even when you are offline to complete transactions


Provide unique logins to individual staff to log into POS

Save Cart

Manage, save and retrieve shopping carts to speed up the checkout process

Order Management

Hassle-free shopping experience to customers

Pickup options

By routing orders, provide customers with pickup alternatives from any location

Shipping to customer

Make in-person sales and ship products directly to customers from wherever the products are available. Taxes and shipping charges are automatically calculated and added to the invoice at the time of checkout

Delivery of products

Manage delivery of products to the customers directly from the store

Return policy

Allow customers to return things at any business that is accessible to them for numerous reasons. Make sure the inventory is current

Notify customers

Sync orders seamlessly, send order confirmations and timely updates on order fulfillment via email or SMSes to customers easily

Browsing Facility

Assist consumers to visit your store and browse all products and place an order online


Simple and easy method of receiving payments

Types of payments

Offer multiple payment methods as much as possible, such as cards, cash, UPIs, coupons etc

Gift cards

Sell or send gift cards both physically and digitally, which can be redeemed online or in-store

Customized payment methods

Create a payment gateway form with custom controls and allow customers to enter their payment data


Multiple reports to help track business at each level

Discount reports

Monitor the performance of promotions and make gradual changes to your approach


Using data from other reports, get an quick overview of your entire business both online and in-store at a glance

Finance reports

Create reports to analyze all aspects of your financial situation, including sales, returns, taxes, and payments

Inventory reports

View a summary of inventory received and sold at a specific point in time, which aids in the tracking of products movement and its demand / supply

Cash Flow Reports

Understand the amount of money owed or received from offline and online sales through reports generated from your POS

Tracking Cash Flow

With an improved tool, accurately track the expected balance in your cash drawer at the end of day from your POS

Sales Reports

With the aid of thorough insights into sales, products, and staff performance all gathered in a daily report produced by POS, make the right decisions


Well managed customer database


Maintain your customers’ information such as contact details, past transactions, lifetime expenditure, delivery address, taxes, and marketing preferences


Establish trust with customers by following up and demonstrating an ongoing interest in them and helps to constantly be in touch with them

Loyalty Points

Build enduring relationships with your loyal customers and reward them with exclusive events, offers, or discounts

New Customers

At the time of checkout, a customer profile is automatically saved each time a customer makes a purchase

Keep in touch

Reach out to customers in multiple ways by sending emails, text messages, and social media posts


Showcasing your products in an attractive way and using various methods of marketing


Inform current and prospective customers about your new product launches, exclusive deals, and enhancements that will help you increase sales through advertisements


Obtain customer contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers to occasionally send them marketing emails and promotions and be in touch with them constantly

Customers’ Feedback

Encourage customers to submit product and store reviews which can be utilized to boost sales and attract new customers

Social Media

Attract customers by discovering how to reach your brand’s ideal customers with content marketing, SEO and social media


Manage inventory at each store in a more organized and effective manner thereby reducing errors and making profits

Create Orders

Create new supplier orders depending on the business requirements from time to time

Forecast Demand

Based on recent product performance, forecast the demand of products and make necessary purchases

Inventory received

Obtain inventory based on purchase orders, mark them received and add them to stock

Stock Alert

Get low-stock alerts based on the current sales rate and lead times for each vendor


Learn which products have been on the market for a long time and why. As a result, plan your inventory of such products accordingly

Adjusting Stock

Keep track of even a small stock adjustments made inside and between stores and always get the real-time data on hand

Inventory Control

Match inventory to sales with the help of a scanner and control as and where required and manage inventory efficiently

Intra Transfer

Allows things to flow seamlessly from one store to the next while keeping track of what is going out and what is coming in


Study the trend of incoming and outgoing goods during a particular period and plan for the future accordingly

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