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5 D2C Brands that are Doing Brand Storytelling Right!


The demand for buying things online and looking for every small need on the internet has surged in the past few years. They run great deals and discounts and bring inconvenience where you can buy anything from the comfort of your home. With the changing needs and preferences of the consumers, these D2C brands are evolving with time and adopting new strategies, but one thing that remains constant is the power of the brand's storytelling. Recounting your story is an important piece of building your brand's image. It assists with moulding how individuals see you and empower purchasers to build an association with you and your organization. Doing it right will help you set up building blocks that permit you to foster a flourishing brand with a flourishing future, one that individuals purchase from you basically because they love what you do, what you stand for, and the tales you share. These stories help connect and engage with the potential customers in a better way. The trick, however, is to produce an original story and not fabricate one just for the sake of getting more consumers attracted to your brand.

Here, we discuss 5 D2C brands that have killed the brand storytelling exceptionally and how other upcoming brands can take cues from them.

5 D2C brands that are doing brand storytelling right

As said by Seth Godin "Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell." This clearly shows how content marketing strategies have changed drastically and how storytelling plays a fundamental role in driving brand loyalty. These 5 D2C brands have been doing it right and are an inspiration to other upcoming brands.

  1. On a base level, Outdoor Voices makes athletic wear in specialized textures that look and feel useful for any movement, in addition to the ones that are customarily connected with wellness. In when there's a little distance between what comprises an open closet and a rec centre closet, this is a story that reverberates with a large audience. Their hashtag, #doingthings, has been utilized more than 130,000 times on Instagram and comprises pictures of individuals wearing their Outdoor Voices tights, skirts, shorts, covers (highlighting the maxim), and tops while, indeed, getting things done. This ranges from climbing to running long-distance races and, surprisingly, a night out. The brand urges individuals to make wellness fun by participating in active work that feels better — no guidelines, no limitations, no tension. They recount the story that wellbeing and wellness aren't simply things you do. However, they're the way you carry on with your life. Likewise, yet no less essential to their brand is their message that wellness and wellness attire is for everybody. They've put forth a huge attempt to make everything — advertising efforts, items, and in-store encounters — reflect what they gain from their clients. They request input and feedback routinely and carry them out in many ways. The outcomes are an experience and product that clients perceive and are invested in because they assisted with making it.

  2. NIKE has perceived and has been utilizing the force of incredible narrating longer than the vast majority have been on the web. In 1999, the brand delivered a one-minute "business" that honoured the vocation of Michael Jordan. Regardless of being dispatched by Nike, there was no notice of the brand until the film's end seconds in which, over a school photograph of Michael, the brand's trademark "Just do it" showed up, trailed by the exemplary Nike logo. This couldn't have been more not quite the same as most ads at that point, which would, in general, incline towards the "sell, sell, sell" guideline. Plugs weren't seen on the web, they were seen on TVs, and TV land was (and still is) extravagant. Wouldn't a two-second notice of a brand in a one-minute advertisement be a waste? In any case, Nike knew not to push its image down purchasers' throats. It comprehended that what might truly establish a long term connection and what might assist with building the brand and permit the organization to sell more items, in the long run, was a good and genuine story—narrating sales. Narrating reverberates and narrating interfaces. This ethos has held up and makes Nike one of the best brand narrators within recent memory. An origin story joins almost all that Nike does, and their site is overflowing with them. Consistently, the organization collects the tales, items, and advancements that stood out as truly newsworthy over the past year, and 2018 was the same. New item dispatches are ordinarily a story as opposed to an official statement. The post for the Fearless One's assortment appearing this month accompanies a lot of origin stories, quotes, and the anchor reasoning behind the new reach. But Nike doesn't simply recount its accounts: they're quite enthusiastic about giving others a voice, also. One of their best is the Equality campaign, fully intent on commending "contrasts and moving change through the power of sport." Most would agree that the Nike promotional strategy is truly killing it with brand-driven narrating, and keeping in mind that it is reasonable to contend that it's simple for the organization – that they're the greatest brand on this rundown by a long shot and one of the primary movers in making an online dress store – that doesn't mean we can't gain from the narratives they tell and how they're introduced.

  3. Amazon dispatched its first commercial centre in Quite a while in 2013 amid competition from the chaotic retail market. Quickly forward 7 years after the fact, it is presently worth 16 billion dollars with a 30% piece of the pie. In any case, that doesn't mean they don't have to improve. Amazon carried out a unique method of narrating with its Amazon Storyboxes, upsetting bundling. Each Storybox bears a photograph of the merchant and a QR Code on the bundling. Checking the QR Code drives clients to dealer stories, a part of the Amazon India site and application. What a splendid way of featuring the foundation of small and medium entrepreneurs earning enough to pay the rent on Amazon! Amazon has taken a conscious attempt to acquire dealers the highlight and permit clients to interface with them. This mission thought #IAmAmazon is a basic yet viable way of facilitating an intelligent element on a generally standard bundling. The dealer's face on the container is a readable resource made from QR Code components which drives clients to a committed microsite. Considering that there is no application needed to filter QR Codes on iOS gadgets and all the most recent Android cell phones, the interaction is frictionless. Story boxes utilize the valuable land on the bundling and convey genuine worth to the client and vendors while making Amazon is socially mindful. An extraordinary story is amazing and moving. It has an essence. But only one out of every odd brand story will meet these criteria. The tales you tell don't all need to move individuals to giggle or tears; they must be real, open, and honest.

  4. The car company Land Rover has a long history of giving unique customer experiences. Their slogan is "To charm our clients with our vehicles as well as at each point where we connect with them." Their powerful, extravagant SUVs are world-renowned for their rough yet modern designs. Also, it's an incredible illustration of brand narrating. For their new long term commemoration, the brand made a video crusade called "The Land of the Land Rovers." The business rejuvenates a true story of a distant Himalayan region in India. In the video, they recount the account of neighbourhood drivers who utilize well maintained Land Rovers from 1957. These drivers aren't simply utilizing the vehicles for short common outings. They use them for overwhelming excursions over mountain roads in between two little towns called Sandakphu and Maneybhanjang. Land Rover sent an interior group to camp out for 10 days in Maneybhanjang so they could see precisely what the dauntless drivers regularly experienced on their courses. The end-product is an undeniably exhilarating, wonderful glance at the region. Eye-catching cinematography and an extraordinary story are established with intense criticism from the drivers and townspeople about how dependable Land Rovers are for rough terrain driving. More established Land Rover promotions are one more incredible glance of the brand character of the automaker. A specific topic introduces itself: upscale, offroad, rugged reliability. Now the question is, will the vast majority who purchase a Land Rover be travelling over mountains in outside nations or taking a chance with their lives to test the organization's brand guarantee? People who purchase Land Rovers will presumably drive them to and from their urban work environment, and occasionally family get-away — utilizing cleared roads the whole time. In any case, that doesn't make any difference. A brand, as Land Rover illustrates, is more than rationale. It is an inclination, a feeling that transports you into a different universe just by buying it.

  • Which began as a response to the requirement for chic yet practical swimwear has now transformed into a movement fundamentals brand, creating a developing line of items intended to make your next oceanside excursion (or an outing to the nearby pool) somewhat more agreeable. The shift changes the item offering. However, it doesn't alter Summersalt's longing to create eco-accommodating products that are "made for heading for good things". With their social media presence and promoting efforts, they recount the story that ladies don't need to pick either style and capacity, essentially not with regards to their swimwear. They distribute content intended to actuate a solid portion of hunger for something new and share product pictures, including a wide range of ladies with various body types to commute home the message that their product is intended for everybody.


D2C brands depend vigorously on creating and telling their brand story to separate themselves from their grounded contest. This is a specific ability that can work well for any brand and open up promising opportunities for more successful missions — as long as they might suspect comprehensively. Your brand story is something that ought to be obvious all through each of the places your brand is addressed. Remember, video and social media promote explicit freedoms to recount that story in more detail and make it simpler to associate with your leading interest group.

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