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7 Best Sales Management Software Systems of 2021


Sales Management Software is a programme that streamlines the sales process. It has features for organizing contacts, tracking deals, and completing time-consuming administrative duties. It has various advantages, including centralized customer data, reduced administrative work, and lead prioritization.

You'll benefit from improved forecasts, analytics, and reports, as well as an automated workflow and extensive client history. Business procedures will be aided by sales pipeline management software. If you spend a lot of time documenting and entering data online, and you use Excel for predicting and handling the sales pipeline. Sales CRM is particularly effective when client contact is spotty and inconsistent.

sales management

7 best sales management software systems 2021

Some of the best sales management software systems of 2021 include-

The Pipedrive Sales CRM is designed with use and simplicity in mind. It's a cost-effective solution that's ideal for small enterprises with a limited number of employees. Using this tool, you'll be able to gain a thorough, bird's-eye perspective of the entire sales pipeline. Sales managers will better track performance, review analytics, and follow up on promising leads. It also has AI-based chatbots that may assist you with user queries at any time. You can improve client connections and bring more traffic to your organization by providing consistent customer service. Features of Pipedrive sales software include-

  • It can be integrated with over 200 apps, including Trello and Slack, and a live chat function allows customers to communicate with sales staff easily.

  • Email and contact history are tracked in real-time.

  • Lead and deal management with custom chatbots and webforms

  • Sales automation based on artificial intelligence (AI) for administrative duties and data entry

  • Metrics and reports in great detail

  • Complete confidentiality and security of business information


Requires no introduction when it comes to sales management and CRM. It's widely regarded as the world's best CRM platform, and it has a variety of solutions that can help you improve your sales process.

The Salesforce ecosystem spans every part of the sales pipeline, from marketing automation with Pardot to lead management with Sales Cloud. Salesforce is the market leader, with many features and tools for collaboration and contact management. Some of the features include:

  • Customer and sales management in its entirety

  • Sales forecasts and modifications in real-time

  • Automated admin activities

  • Predictions of sales probability based on AI

  • Reports that can be customized

  • Integration with email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail

  • Syncing, sharing, and support across several devices


Is the way to go if you're searching for a comprehensive marketing platform that handles all areas of your company's sales process. A free HubSpot CRM is included, and a Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub. Even though the software is relatively hefty and geared for larger organizations, even a small business can benefit from available resources.

HubSpot allows you to keep track of all areas of your sales from customer interactions to profit reporting and more. The visual dashboard in HubSpot gives you a clean and clear picture of the complete sales pipeline. Individual performance, productivity, and sales activities are all thorough reports and business insights and transaction tracking. Some of the features include-

  • Free CRM

  • Add-ons for Sales, Marketing, Service, and Operations are available.

  • Customer service and sales pipeline management are also included.

  • All HubSpot tools are easily integrated.

  • Meeting schedules and transaction trackers are examples of productivity tools.

  • Features for document management

  • The capacity to track and record calls

  • Direct access to insights from the dashboard in real-time

Is most known as a project management tool, but it can also be used as a sales management tool. To build a sophisticated sales management system, the tool can integrate with third-party software and email clients. You may make your sales management workflow simpler and less time-consuming by using

At the same time, all of your company's sales data is centralized, allowing your sales management system to be more organized. Here's a rundown of's most important sales management features:

  • Sales processes are represented in an easy-to-understand visual format.

  • The ability to separate sales discussions into various subjects.

  • 2FA and Google Authentication are examples of advanced security features.

  • Calendar, Kanban, and Maps are just a few examples of different displays.

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox are just a few of the apps that can be integrated.

The Nutshell

This sales automation CRM is designed for sales teams that collaborate to boost conversion rates. It is simple to use and incredibly powerful. It also contains email marketing features, making it a one-stop-shop for growth marketing.

The platform can aid with lead generation and lead scoring and is completely customizable. It allows sales automation, email sequencing, and seamless integration with third-party apps like Gmail and Outlook. Here's a quick rundown of Nutshell's most important features:

  • Automation of the entire sales process

  • Management of a visual pipeline

  • Performance reports that can be customized

  • Contact management that is centralized

  • Automated sequences and email templates

  • Collaboration and marketing tools for teams


It is a sales CRM that assists salespeople in keeping track of assignments, streamlining client communications, and performing sophisticated sales management. The programme is suitable for accelerating the sales cycle for a larger number of leads.

The drag-and-drop lead management system is simple to use and helps to streamline marketing campaigns. It also has a campaign builder for creating effective marketing campaigns. Here's a rundown of some of Keap's most important features:

  • Automation of lead gathering, sales nurturing, and appointment reminders

  • For small enterprises and startups, a complete customer management system is available.

  • Scales up and down with your company

  • The sales funnel is in visual form.

  • Invoice generating with a single click

Zoho CRM

It is an integrated CRM software that aims to assist salespeople in converting more leads into sales. The programme is supported by a fantastic customer service team and is widely regarded as one of the top sales software solutions available.

Integrated calendars, forecasting tools, and process conversion are just a few of the features available in the CRM. It also allows you to create custom CRM rules, automate sales processes, and have real-time dialogues with clients and prospects. Here's a rundown of some of Zoho CRM's most important features:

  • Features for managing customer relationships in depth

  • Customizations are possible based on your business requirements.

  • Monitoring of social media interactions

  • Routine sales functions can be automated using artificial intelligence.

  • Personalized client journeys can be created with the help of a command centre.

  • Invoices and quotations can be generated directly from the CRM.


No company can hope to succeed and develop without increasing revenue. This is when sales management comes in handy. These technologies ensure that you keep on top of your sales pipeline by streamlining the entire sales process.

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