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7 Simple Ways to Drive Sales on Social Media [With Examples]


You've been using social media to communicate with followers and promote your business. You do, however, want to start using the channel to boost your sales. That is an excellent suggestion. Email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and PPC are very definitely already being used. It's time to increase your social media marketing efforts and get those sales rolling. Numerous studies have shown that social media platforms can improve sales.

Facebook content consumption has surged by 57% in the last two years, according to HubSpot. According to a Forbes survey, 25% of social media users follow brand pages, which impacts their final buy selections at retail and online retailers. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the potential to improve sales. Sales management through social media is a trend that is likely to be seen and will continue in the future.

sales management

7 ways for better sales management on social media

You'll discover some of the most successful ways to use social media for better sales management and increased profitability. While many of these will create direct money, others will have a significant impact on indirect revenue.

  1. First things first are to target your audience on channels they utilise. You can't expect to locate your ideal B2B customers by just joining Instagram. To begin, find out where your target audience is most active. You have the option of being everywhere, but this may take a long time. Because both LinkedIn and Facebook have a vast user base, they may be a good place to start if you're targeting a B2B audience. The 18–29 age group controls all social media networks, including LinkedIn, according to Sprout Social. If you're on the right social media platform, you'll have a potential of reaching your target audience.. As a result, if you can properly contact your target demographic, your chances of driving sales increase considerably.

  2. Influencer marketing is yet another popular marketing tactic. According to a Twitter research, nearly 40% of Twitter users felt compelled to buy something after seeing an influencer's tweet. According to the report, people's trust in influencers is equivalent to their confidence in peers.This proves that using social media influencers to promote your brand and products will almost always result in sales, with ROI as high as 600 percent in some circumstances. You must use the influence of social media influencers to your advantage if you want to grow your social media sales. Encourage them to strategically incorporate your product into their photographs or films, or to convey unique and interesting stories about your company. You can also collaborate with influencers who will provide honest product reviews and tutorials and how-to content for your product. The possibilities are unlimited, but if you want to increase sales, having your influencers promote unique discount codes is an efficient approach to do so. Take, for example, Daniel Wellington; the watch brand has successfully implemented this method since its inception in 2011. With the support of influencers, the wristwatch manufacturer was able to sell one million timepieces in just three years. In 2015, the brand brought in $220 million in revenue, up 214 percent from the previous year. To date, both top of the list and micro-influencers have been promoting Daniel Wellington coupon codes.

  3. Consumers read multiple reviews before purchasing something online to ensure that the brand and product are reliable. These kinds of testimonials help customers relax about buying from a brand they've never heard of or investing in a product they've never tried. When these reviews are based on the thoughts and experiences of other similar consumers, they feel a sense of honesty with which they can identify. When it comes to social media marketing, you must use the information given by other users for better sales management. Encourage your consumers to share their images online as another approach to increase purchases through social media. Also, don't forget to take it a step further and share these user-generated photographs on your social media accounts. This is a simple technique to boost client loyalty and establish trust for your brand when potential customers visit your social media sites. For example, ASOS is running a promotion in which customers are encouraged to post images of themselves wearing ASOS merchandise on various social media channels. Customers must just use the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe to be considered for the feature. ASOS then gathers the photos and highlights a few of the best on their As Seen on Me Instagram account. They've dedicated an entire webpage to these user-generated images.

  4. Millions of people utilise social media networks. Even if you've found the perfect social media source for engaging your target audience, if they've never heard of you, your marketing efforts may fall flat. They will be aware of your brand if you invest in social media advertising. You have the option of running advertisements or promoting your content on any social networking platform. This will increase your brand presence among a relevant core audience. Increased visibility will boost your chances of making sales via social media. For example, YOOX, an online luxury clothes shop, had a 6-point rise in brand awareness and an 11-point increase in ad recall after advertising on Stories. LoveBook, a gift book publisher, enhanced brand recognition and conversions by using Facebook advertising. They produced video advertisements that resulted in a threefold increase in purchase rates. They increased their return on social media advertising by 57 percent while spending 53 percent less on other platforms. To reach the correct audience on LinkedIn, you might spend on ad campaigns on Twitter or sponsored posts and InMail.

  5. You don't have to always rely on influencers to sell your company utilising genuine people. If you can persuade your current consumers to advertise your products in exchange for freebies and discounts, you can turn them into successful brand advocates. Searching on social media for keywords and hashtags relevant to your brand or product name will help you identify individuals who are already talking about your brand. Assume you wish to promote MVMT Watches. Naturally, you'd go to Instagram and search for #mvmt watches. However, you'll notice that many of the top posts come from influencers with whom you're presently collaborating or have previously collaborated. Remember, those are only the most recent articles. Scroll down to find out more. Find some enticing photos of your goods that were posted by a user with whom you have not before collaborated. After that, take a look at their profile. The individual who made the post has a little over 1,700 followers and has made an effort to post about the brand. This Instagrammer would be a great addition to the MVMT Watches brand ambassadors. If you worked at MVMT, you might give them a free watch or an attractive discount on their next purchase if you worked there. You may ask them to publish a couple of posts featuring your watch in exchange.

  6. Marketers can use social media to present their audiences with bite-sized but valuable material. This data should be both fascinating and convincing enough to encourage your audience to buy anything. For example, you may generate bite-sized instructional content that will bring value to your social media audience in addition to advertising your blog entries on social media. The idea is to present clients with enough information to make them want to test your product. Similarly, you might offer helpful hints on how to combine your products with other items. When it comes to fashion accessories, you can put together an ensemble that complements the piece. You can also show off some of the great things people can do with it if it's a tech item. Using "informational" content like this provides your product with a greater context and gives potential buyers ideas for using it. As an added advantage, this type of material gives your target customers more reasons to consider purchasing your product, perhaps increasing conversions. For example, Betty Crocker uses their Facebook page to post short recipe videos to enlighten its fans better. These recipes are easy enough to entice viewers to give them a try, and they use Betty Crocker goods.

  7. Pinterest is a fantastic place for marketing your products because it is such a graphically oriented site. Sales generated by Pinterest ads/postings have a $50 higher average order value than sales generated by other major social media platforms, according to Shopify. It's also the second-most-used social media platform for driving visitors to Shopify merchants. It's a good idea to use Rich Pins and Buyable Pins while using Pinterest to sell your things to make the purchasing process smoother. Rich Pins can be used to highlight important details about your product or service, making it easier for customers to make decisions.You can, for example, show the price and availability of a product. People won't have to hunt for information elsewhere this way. Buyable Pins make buying on Pinterest more convenient by allowing users to finish their purchases directly on the site. To complete a sale, they do not need to go to the product page. Take a look at this example from The Driftwood Haus. Customers can view the pricing of the cushion cover, the stock availability, and the product dimensions in the screenshot below. There's also a "Add to Bag" button that makes purchasing the item even easier. Customers can complete the checkout process on the Pinterest site after adding a product to their bag. Without switching to another platform, shipping and payment information can be added. Because the Pinterest procedure is so straightforward, there's a significant probability this strategy will ensure better sales management.


Using these tips you can use social media to improve your company's sales management. As you can see, the majority of these ideas focus around establishing your target audience's trust through other people, such as influencers and customers. You should also make sure that the correct people are aware of your brand. Finally, use the opportunity to create material that will engage, intrigue, and compel potential customers to test your products or services.

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