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8 rules of effective online relationship management


The internet is the king of marketing these days. What your web says about your organization is effectively acceptable to the customers. Positive things go unnoticed easily, while a single negative thing about the brand is enough to decide its reputation. Thus, negative reviews can hurt your brand image. So, what can be the solution? Online relationship management is the way to enhance the business instead of simply dealing with the organisation's image.

Organizations are growing their wings all around the virtual world and turning out to be super brands on the lookout. But as the business expands and grows, the more challenging it is to manage it. There are many risks to be considered, like bad word of mouth, bogus data about the organization on the web, and so forth. Such matters should be viewed seriously as the brand is the front face in the market.

Therefore, managing the online presence of your business becomes a top priority and having an effective online relationship management system can help you picture better in front of your targeted audience and manage any bad reviews as soon as they come up.

8 rules of effective online relationship management

As per the survey, 93% of people say that the reviews of the other customers influence their buying decision, and 60% of them said that negative reviews about the brand made them not want to buy the product. This shows the power of a good online image of the brand. With an effective online reputation management system by your side, you can easily manage your brand's image and maintain customer trust. With these 8 rules, you can ensure efficient online relationship management at the place for your business.

  1. Website optimization services are incredible to increase your sales and also manage the online image of your brand. By being on top of the Google ranks, you can impact the data that clients initially get to see. A high-ranking site and online media pages can help you to control data to an extent. Also, be proactive in asking individuals who have had a positive involvement in your image to leave a review on these sites.

  2. Content is the king for having a remarkable presence online. It plays a massive role in brand positioning and reputation. By regularly updating fresh pieces of content can help you build a strong image for your brand. By developing creative and engaging content, you can stand out from the competing brands and project your brand image in a certain way. This will be helpful to make an impact on customer perception and turn things in your favour if any negative incident occurs.

  3. Your organization should be socially active on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and google+. Creating your account on all these platforms must then be linked to your company's website. As digital marketing is the need of the hour, being proactive on social media platforms help you improve your brand's image. The organization should update on these social media platforms regularly to engage with their customers and provide them with the required information. This will also help you understand your customer's needs, which will make them content, and the company gets good reviews and, in turn, gains their loyalty.

  4. As the adage goes, actions speak louder than words. This is true in the case of online relationship management as well. In many organizations, clients face a situation where their valuable feedback is not paid heed even after contacting customer support. Such instances give a bad impression of the company, and the customer loses interest in the organization. They give bad and negative reviews about the brand, which other potential customers read. Therefore, it is important that the company looks into the feedback given by the customers seriously and clarifies the problems faced by them.

  5. Recognize those sites that need to respond rapidly to keep a positive brand image and tackle them. You can't deal with each blog/article, but speedy with the players can be a huge shelter for your brand image. Also, try to understand what your brand is attempting to confer. Perceiving a confirmed case from a hater is fundamental to reasonably managing your image reputation with the right audience.

  6. Influencer marketing adds to the credibility of your brand. Influencers have a great online reputation. Your audience may not trust you or your brand right away, but they tend to trust influencers. Influencer marketing also allows for cross-advancement. Here are a few instances of how to utilize influencer marketing to enhance your online reputation:

  • Have a famous fashion blogger compose an article about your brand.

  • Contact influencers who have a million followers on Instagram and ask them to post pictures with your product.

  • Have a food blogger or YouTuber shoot a video at your restaurant.

  • Have an industry expert or niche expert show up in a useful video.

7.Other than making and sharing great content on social media platforms, be a social listener. You can keep track of online media posts, remarks, and so forth about your organization. This will help you to take action each time a negative comment is posted. Focus on social media platforms where your targeted audience is generally dynamic. For example, a news publisher may need to keep track of its image on Twitter, while a beauty care product brand might find Instagram more appealing for promoting its products.

8. Monitor what people are writing about your organization, its products, services, employees and management on platforms like glassdoor indeed, Yelp, Yellowpages, etc. you can use tools like google alerts, similar web, gather up, tracker, etc. to save time and effort. You can also perform custom searches for your company's image on google manually, but it will be time consuming and exhausting. You should look for both positive and negative remarks, feedback and reviews.


Online relationship management assists you in checking and dealing with your brand's image and guarantee your customers feel positive towards your brand. ORM is a fundamental part of any business, marketing and growth strategy for any business. People are discussing you and will keep on doing so. Your responsibility is to set up a strong online reputation management system to explore through all the web-based discussions, give fixes to a great extent and incite positive feelings.

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