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Best Ecommerce Websites: Designs Set for Success (2021)

Updated: 3 days ago

e-commerce service provider


If you sell items online, you understand the importance of having a website that accurately portrays your business. Your website serves as a virtual showroom and serves as the initial point of contact for potential consumers. If you don't have an eCommerce website, you're missing out on many potential consumers.

If you are an e-commerce service provider, you want your website to reflect who you are and what you do accurately. After all, this is your opportunity to create an excellent first impression on your consumers. And if you do it well, you may make a long-lasting impression. As a result, when beginning an internet business, one of the most crucial things to do is website design.

Elements of a good e-commerce website

The average duration spent on a website across sectors is 62 seconds, according to Contentsquare. That implies you just have one minute to grab your visitors' attention and make them interested in what you have to offer. According to certain research, you only have 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds) to entice visitors. That's why it's critical to create an eCommerce site that piques people's curiosity. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do right immediately to engage your visitors. Let's look at the five components of a successful eCommerce site.

  • Just over half of all online traffic is generated by mobile devices (excluding tablets) (Statcounter, 2020). You might be losing out on a lot of purchases if your eCommerce site isn't mobile-friendly. It's critical to have a responsive eCommerce site that looks fantastic on all devices if you want to reduce friction for customers who want to buy from your store. Because most eCommerce systems provide mobile-optimized themes, building a responsive eCommerce site may be as simple as picking the correct theme. We recommend testing the flow—browsing, adding to cart, and the checkout process—before committing to a certain theme to detect any gaps or issues in the process.

  • Visitors to your eCommerce store rely on product pictures to help them decide whether or not to buy something. That is why it is critical to utilise high-quality and appealing product pictures. Most marketing gurus advise utilising a combination of white-background product photos and images showing your items in use. When you choose a white backdrop for your product photos, it focuses entirely on your product and allows customers to notice the details more easily. In addition, images of your product in use are crucial because you want customers to imagine themselves using it.

  • The main navigation menu, on-site search, filters, product category pages, and what you add in your footer are all part of your site's navigation. Because the goal of navigation is to help customers discover what they're looking for quickly and simply, your navigation flow should be as simple as feasible, with as few pathways as possible.

  • User experience (UX) encompasses everything we've discussed so far, but it goes much beyond. Design thinking is an iterative technique used by UI/UX specialists to study visitors’ activities on a website or app.

  • Colours and typefaces are also essential design considerations for any website. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen a website that appears to be from the early 1990s. Don't do anything unless it's your schtick. Stick to a two-colour, clean and basic eCommerce website design.

Best Ecommerce Websites: Designs Set for Success (2021)

If you are an e-commerce service provider, you need to know some of these e-commerce sites, which are known for their appealing and unique designs, so that you can work on your website on similar lines.

  1. KETNIPZ began as an Instagram cartoon made by Harry Hambley and has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. Bean, the primary character in the comic, appears in murals, tattoos, and social media. The site, like the comic, is quirky and entertaining, with bright colours and interesting typefaces to keep visitors interested. This is a company that understands how to reach its target market.

  2. Space Posters is a company that offers minimalist posters that depict, well, space. The website is pleasantly simple to suit the store's items. The basic black and white website has a planets-in-orbit animation and amusing typography, and that's all there is to it. People interested in Space Posters' simple posters are unlikely to be influenced by bright, solid colours or a website with many design features.

  3. Burrow is a modular furniture shop with a minimalist style on its home page, preferring to let the product photos speak for themselves. You'll see a video of two ordinary consumers unwrapping their furniture as you scroll down the website. As a result, the brand appears friendly and simple to use.

  4. Bliss is a cruelty-free, spa-inspired skincare line with a website that makes you feel like you're in a unicorn's body. The colours are bright and joyful yet still leaning toward soft pastel tones. The overall effect is one of joy and happiness. The items are shown against a white backdrop so that you can see them. However, two small words in the top righthand corner of the screen, "enable accessibility," are one of the favourite features of the website. This alters the colours of the site significantly to increase visual accessibility.

  5. LARQ is an excellent example of how product pictures can effectively market a product. When you add in the brand's outstanding copywriting and gorgeous design, you've got one of the top eCommerce sites on the block. LARQ even has a plastic waste calculator, so you can figure out how many plastic water bottles you've saved from the garbage by using your LARQ water bottle.

  6. Hebe is a New Zealand-based boutique apparel business having a physical site in Masterton's Kuripuni Village. The business is delighted to support ethical clothes designed in New Zealand. Hebe employs attractive product pictures to market their merchandise, as one would expect from a boutique apparel company. The site itself is beautiful and straightforward, with clear navigation, a compelling hero picture, and legible typefaces that stand out.

  7. The Déspacé Maison is a shoe and accessory boutique in the heart of the city. The website is unique and entertaining, distinguishing it from other eCommerce sites that pay homage to Amazon. The product pictures stand out owing to the use of mixed media, which includes photos and drawings. The whole site is designed to showcase the brand's identity while also providing users with a visually pleasing shopping experience.

  8. The vivid hues are the first thing you see when you arrive at the Pura Vida Bracelets home page. The following step is to create stunning product pictures. As you browse down the page, you'll find more beautiful product photos, as well as calls to action urging you to buy. We adore the top-of-the-page notification bar, which informs visitors that they may get free delivery or $10 for recommending a friend. Pura Vida also adds an aqua button on the left side of the page with the appealing slogan "receive free bracelets" if visitors miss the notification bar.

  9. Revelry is a bridal store that specialises in bridesmaid dresses. Visitors are enticed to shop or purchase samples by the scrolling hero pictures at the top of the page. The menu contains many options, but it's broken out on the left and right sides of the page to make it less daunting. The product pictures are amazing, showcasing the items in a way that is both interesting and appealing. The video demonstrating the home try-on option is one of the favourite features of this eCommerce site.

  10. Allbirds is an eco-friendly, sustainable shoe and apparel shop. The title "running shoes made from trees" lets you know what Allbirds is all about as soon as you land on the main page. It's also intriguing! Beautiful product and lifestyle pictures are also included, showcasing the goods in their best light. Additional product and lifestyle photos, as well as calls to action enticing you to buy, welcome you as you scroll down the page. The site's layout is relatively straightforward, with two product categories on the left side of the menu and links to shop locations and material information on the right.


Because there are so many wonderfully designed websites on the internet these days, yours must be genuinely unique to stand out as an e-commerce service provider. Fortunately, you have a fantastic frame of reference to get you started with these eCommerce website examples. We propose that you construct your eCommerce website design using the tips and resources we've provided, but don't stop there. When you test and adjust your eCommerce site, you'll receive the most remarkable outcomes. The finest eCommerce sites are a mix of aesthetics and functionality. Adapt the samples we've provided here to fit your brand's personality, and you'll see a boost in sales, traffic, and engagement.

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