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Enstore integrates seamlessly to make your business smart and physical

From general store chains

to grocery stores, it’s customizable for all

Specialized digital marketing services to acquire more customers

One solution for all  your needs. This robust platform is scalable through effective stock management

The inventory management system and POS communicate to give you a detailed report at any time


How does Enstore help my business?

Today, there is a solution to every problem. However, these solutions may not necessarily be in sync with each other, which means an ever-increasing need for a Technology-Aggregator.

The Retail sector is fast changing and is no longer about offline and online commerce. Today, it has been segregated as D2D, O2O, D2C, B2B2C, and probably a lot more shall happen as we move forward. As a result, a lot needs to be handled, starting from dwindling customer loyalty to the ever-increasing threat of new entrants, thinning lines between customer delight and MVP, ever-changing technologies, and the pressure to manage ROIs.

We mentioned dwindling customer loyalty. Well, the customer isn't finicky. There are just other people offering better services. And how come they do that and not you? Well, this can be answered in four easy ways:

  • Constant Upgradation is happening in technology, and you may not be keeping pace with it.

  • Advanced Technology means advanced analytics, a lot of firms are now working on sentiment analysis.

  • The data can be collected at all points, but how would you make sense of it when scattered all over the place? Also, which data is needed?

  • The need to scale and beat the competition means investments, but then, how do you ensure that the ROI is optimized too?

Why is AI the future?

The business owner or key decision-maker audience wants to know what is happening at the grassroots. Still, they are caught up with so many responsibilities that it becomes tough to take note of everything. In addition, after a certain level of optimization is achieved, the curve becomes asymptotic, but that isn't a good metric to follow if the business has to sustain and grow.

How Enstore Fits it

Given below are the products We Make-

Enstore provides a unified custom dashboard that can give everything from a bird's eye view to a micro-managerial view.

Financial Optimization-

Right from creating backend models about financial optimization to showcasing you, which are your cash cows and where you need to draw back, Enstore does it all.

One solution for all-

All the possible solutions for all the organization domains can be integrated into one, making it, literally, "One Solution to rule them all".

Advanced Analytics-

Enstore gives you a deep insight into what the customer wants with a deeply sentimental, emotional footprint and other analyses built-in.

The O2O market-

As an O2O player, you have already advanced to the next level, but that has resulted in too many systems and processes to manage, making you less cost-efficient, with an increased inflexibility towards upgrading technologies.

  • The incomplete transformation-

These businesses are trying hard to go digital,, but the lack of adequate planning and infra is a significant pain.

  • Changing Consumer Patterns-

The consumer has moved beyond brand loyalty and needs to see value in every spend.

  • The threat of New Entrants

The newer businesses, adept with technologies, start giving tough competition by improving on any one parameter.

The D2D Market

  • It's working Somehow- These are traditional businesses that have just started facing competition and are exploring their potentials now.

  • Tech is too complicated- Most such businesses have recently upgraded to a CRM, a lot of them are still struggling with new-age tech.

  • High on Investment- Too much infra and other costs, which cut the margins.

  • Too much Manpower- Since technology isn't the strong forte, the solution ends up increasing the workforce which further adds to cost.

The D2C Market

There is too much

These business owners are new age and invest in tech, but is too much tech a solution or an even bigger problem?

The New Ecosystem

Not a lot of research has been done, the lines about audience preference are blurred, the path remains more or less uncharted.

Almost There

Many D2C players have an MVP, but with the resources at perusal, implementation and progress become slightly tricky.

The Changing Dynamics

The entire ecosystem is still in the early stages, and hence there is a continuous need to evolve and upgrade