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How to increase sales

When it comes to maintaining the discussion with customers after their purchase, eCommerce firms are missing a trick. Many businesses are so focused on increasing sales conversions that they fail to consider the benefits of a post-purchase marketing plan. Understanding the psychology of customer behaviour is not only intriguing (if you're a super geek like me), but it also offers crucial opportunities inside the customer journey. For example, marketers may utilize this data to give their brand meaning beyond the transaction and establish trust and loyalty with their customers. So what do we perceive as a result? Higher customer retention levels and, presumably, an increase in brand evangelists.

The good news is that with a bit of thought and some simple technology, you can have a post-purchase marketing campaign up and running in no time. So, here are eight things you can do right now to improve your post-purchase client experience:

1. Show your concern

Demonstrate to your consumer that you appreciate their business. It only takes a simple 'thank you,' yet these two words may have a significant influence on your customer's post-purchase experience and help develop a long-term connection.

2. Make refunds and returns conveniently.

Reduce post-purchase worry by ensuring your buyer understands your refund policy and returns process. Being open about this can establish trust with your consumers since it demonstrates that your brand isn't just about sales and that you understand their requirements. ASOS does an excellent job of highlighting this in their order confirmation email, which contains a 'Need Help?' button. This then directs the customer to their customer service website.

3. Provide user guides for customers

You want to make sure your consumer enjoys your goods when they buy them. A basic 'how-to' instruction can help with this, lowering the chance of returns from dissatisfied clients who gave up trying to figure it out. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you might add an infographic in your email, include video instructions, or refer them to a written guide on your website.

4. Provide tips to care for the product

Similarly to the prior, the goal here is to guarantee that your consumer engages with their product and derive value from their purchase. With an educational email packed with product care recommendations, you can help customers keep their assets from wearing out too rapidly.

5. Take satisfaction feedback from customers.

Obtaining feedback from your consumers on what they've purchased is an excellent method to improve customer experience. As Marks & Spencer has done in the example below, let the consumer know that you respect their feedback and that it will enhance your product range.

Keep in mind that the time frame for reviews may vary depending on the goods they purchased. For example, when someone buys a garment, they are inclined to try it on immediately away. However, an item such as a computer may require multiple uses before the client is ready to give a review.

6. Reminders to Replenish

Replenishment emails are automatic emails sent to consumers when their product is about to run out, allowing them to re-order. They're ideal for a wide range of materials, from cosmetics to pet food, and they need minimal effort to operate — they may be blasted off automatically with little continuing administration. This bare attention to detail improves the consumer experience by providing ease and establishes your business as dependable.

7. Keep loyalty rewards for customers.

Go beyond the thank you and show how much you appreciate their business by urging them to join your loyalty programme. Send them an email inviting them to join and outlining the perks, such as an exclusive deal, VIP access to sales, or extra points on purchases.

8. Keep complementary product suggestions.

Obtaining as much information about your consumer as possible can be quite beneficial in developing a stronger relationship with them. Even if you have a small amount of data, the item they've just purchased allows you to send them an email with product recommendations.

Other articles of clothes, for example, maybe available to assist them in completing their outfit. It may be anything from the same product line as a skincare routine. Or even additional food products so they can make a whole dinner or dish. The possibilities are unlimited, and they will give your consumer convenience and inspiration.

With the help of the services provided at Enstore- such as a unified dashboard. You get real-time updates- be it a sale, safety stock, new hire, or any review- all of it comes in one place. For example, with enstore's Unified Dashboard, you can look at how your organization is doing both at a macro and micro-level. This is just what you need for detailed monitoring of your customers and business.

Enstore can assist you in expanding your eCommerce business by delivering quantifiable results and practical solutions. We help you and your business solve problems that you face in retail operations, supply chain management, inventory management, omnichannel marketing, and so on. In addition, we provide a detailed plan for growing your online business. So, if you need help with raising sales or any other aspect of your eCommerce business, don't hesitate to contact Enstore!