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The best e-mail marketing blogs to follow for your retail marketing strategy

retail marketing strategy
The best e-mail marketing blogs to follow for your retail marketing strategy

With the advent of social media and influencer marketing, you'd think that technology as ancient as 40 years, such as email, wouldn't stand a chance. Surprise, surprise! Email for a retail marketing strategy is more widespread than you would believe. In 2019, there were 3.9 billion email subscribers worldwide, and this figure is predicted to rise to 4.3 billion by 2023! This accounts for over half of the world's population. Email, without a doubt, reigns supreme! It only makes sense for organizations to invest in email marketing tools and resources. If handled correctly, email maybe THE most important source of conversions for your retail marketing strategy.

And to do so, you must first master the email marketing techniques for retail marketing strategy, methods, and psychological secrets. There is a lot that goes into good email marketing, from arranging efficient drip programs to designing click-worthy newsletters and strong emails to even constructing segmented lists. You must learn the craft from the finest!

Here are some of the top email marketing blogs to use. These blogs have something of value to share for your retail marketing strategy.


Mailchimp is one of the most well-known email service companies in the world today. Mailchimp was founded in the year 2000 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius with the intention of providing a low-cost email marketing solution to small business owners.

Aside from email marketing services for retail marketing strategy, the company also offers a variety of tools to assist businesses with their email marketing initiatives. The Mailchimp resources page has everything you'll need, from tried and tested marketing advice to guides and tutorials on how to get started and go about with email marketing and insightful news from the world of marketing. You can learn anything from this site, even if you're just starting out and don't know the first word about email marketing.

With a combined audience of over 4 billion MailChimp users, there is a wealth of data at their disposal for you to learn from.


Sender is yet another fantastic email service provider that provides a free plan to get started for businesses and entrepreneurs for retail marketing strategy. They claim to be the Mailchimp alternative for organizations that value ease of use. Their blog covers all you need to know about email. They give ideas and strategies for using email marketing and increasing conversions. The Sender blog features email marketing best practices, free newsletter templates, design samples, and much more. As an entrepreneur, you may immediately go to Sender to take notes on sending out a welcome email or an abandoned cart email, for example.


Pure360 is a complete marketing technology solutions company that was founded in the United Kingdom in 2001. They believe in going above and beyond to assist organizations, which is why they don't just give technology, but also best practices and techniques in the broader email marketing sector for retail marketing strategy. They cover a wide range of subjects on their blog, including not only email marketing but also marketing in general. They feature email ideas, engagement methods, how-to guides for utilizing email marketing software, tips and techniques for using marketing tools, generating engaging content, and much more. They also discuss frequent problems encountered by businesses in their marketing efforts, as well as solutions to overcrowding.


Rejoiner is a supplier of email marketing solutions that initially focused on abandoned cart emails. They began in 2011 by seeking a solution to the pressing problem of cart abandonment in eCommerce and retail marketing strategy, and that is how they ended up becoming the solution to it. The Rejoiner team, founded by Mike Arsenault, is best known for their data-driven approach to providing theoretical as well as practical solutions in email marketing, and they have an array of resources for marketers to learn from, including practical guides, tutorials, case studies, tips and tricks, and even photos.


SalesHandy is essentially a sales communication and analytics solution that was developed with the goal of increasing the productivity of sales teams all around the world. SalesHandy, co-owned by Piyush Patel and Dhruv Patel, has a very informative blog and resources section where they cover many email marketing topics, ranging from new generation strategies to induce purchases, common email marketing strategies, retail marketing strategy and unique strategies to take advantage of specific email features, such as the subject line and the CC or BCC. They also cover the newest email marketing news, product releases, and comparisons.


Stripo is a one-stop-shop for email design retail marketing strategy. They allow clients to quickly create emails of any complexity. 700 ready-to-use templates, as well as the option to save and reuse email modules across several campaigns. Integrates with 50 ESPs/CRMs, allowing you to push emails to your marketing automation system with one click. A variety of integrated micro-tools provide all you need for email production, from photo editors to banner generators, timers to interactivity. Stripo is one of the first companies to use the AMP4Email technology.

Stripo's email marketing blog can assist you in quickly creating very successful emails. They reveal the most recent developments in email design to inspire you with the most effective campaigns!

eFocus Marketing

eFocus is a specialized email marketing service for a retail marketing strategy that assists eCommerce businesses, particularly pharmaceutical companies, in taking their email marketing campaigns to the next level. It was started in 2012 by Kate Barrett, an email marketing specialist and author of the book "E-intelligence – Email Marketing Isn't Dead, But How You Use It Is."

They hope that their blog will enable every marketer, from beginners to intermediates to expert users, stay up to speed on the field of email marketing and find inspiration to get their thoughts flowing. Aside from articles, they feature a plethora of additional resources such as reviews, case studies, podcasts, and videos to assist marketing teams all around the world.


EasySendy is an online marketing tool that is particularly built to assist small businesses with their campaigns for retail marketing strategy, whether they be email-based, social media-based, or something else. It was created in 2013 by eight engineers and management consultants with over 100 years of combined expertise. This experience is reflected heavily in their blog and insights area, where they discuss powerful email marketing methods, writing suggestions to influence prospects, guidelines to establishing efficient drip marketing programmes, and many other topics. Their writings are inspired by real-world email marketing difficulties and tried-and-true solutions.