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What is your experience with e-commerce (as a seller)?

e-commerce service provider


If you are an e-commerce service provider for any length of time, you already know that having a great product isn't enough to stay in business, much alone grow. Yes, the goods you provide have a significant influence on your company's future performance. However, product quality isn't enough to attract, engage, and keep online shoppers. In reality, product quality is no longer the most important factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a certain brand. By today's standards, providing a valuable overall experience to your e-commerce consumers is far more crucial. This is what I have comprehended as an e-commerce service provider. Delivering a fantastic e-commerce customer experience in 2021 and enhancing customer loyalty, retention, and ultimately the lifetime value of your customers is what all e-commerce is all about these days.

Defining an e-commerce customer experience

Every touchpoint, engagement, idea, or sensation that occurs or is exchanged between the consumer and your brand — as perceived from the customer's perspective — is referred to as the e-commerce customer experience. Everything that happens from the minute a person hears about your brand to the moment they actively decide to cease doing business with you is referred to as the customer experience. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to providing a fantastic digital consumer experience. Whatever business you're in, your customer experience will typically follow the same pattern: you'll have various needs depending on your circumstances, and you will hopefully get the help you need from the company you're working with.

Why the term customer experience is talked about so much?

According to a PwC poll, a third of people throughout the world will quit a cherished brand after only one negative encounter. However, a pleasant experience, according to 65 per cent of respondents in the United States, is more compelling than the finest advertising. Excellent customer service influences brand loyalty and retention, as well as good internet reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. When a consumer has a bad experience, the effects are the polar opposite. So it might be time to think about reinvesting your advertising money.

Personalisation making way in the e-commerce customer experience

As an e-commerce service provider, what I have realised is that Customers don't always desire a product or an experience that is tailored to them. They would rather be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated. However, one of the most common ways to accomplish so is through customization. According to a YouGov survey, 43 per cent of the 1,145 customers polled consented to share personal information in order to save money through tailored promotions, discounts, or offers. Meanwhile, 39% would do so in order to solve problems faster. Install frequency limitations and burn codes on your retargeting campaigns to assist manage the automatic targeting that occurs, rather than scaring people out with ads that follow you across the internet. Personalization isn't about informing consumers that you're tailoring an experience just for them. It's all about making customers' lives easier. And this is exactly what customers demand.

Cross-channel marketing is the new trend

When you own an e-commerce service provider, you can have a lot of fun advertising it through various internet platforms. You may send email marketing campaigns with links to your business, and you can represent your company on a variety of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest to engage with your customers even more. Having a strong online presence also helps you to convey your brand's narrative and engage your customers in the early stages of its development, bridging the gap between impersonal and personal connections. Increasing your customers' brand identification might lead to them becoming unofficial brand advocates. Once a link has been established between your brand and customers, the latter has the ability to spread the word about your company to their friends and family, potentially increasing the number of conversions on your site. Simply by cultivating your client connections, you are boosting your chance to network through recommendations.

The convenience of the customer is of utmost importance

Shopping online is a convenient concept in and of itself; any e-commerce site may just list a few goods on its homepage and call it a day. But it's how well-organized and segmented your items are exhibited that sets you unique. Don't make your customers look for something. Create a dependable search tool that will lead them to the SKU or a list of comparable goods they're looking for. Shoppers may experience ecstasy when they find exactly what they're seeking, and they'll applaud your site for offering exactly what they want. Should a repeat client make their way back to your site, ecommerce firms may engage them with goods that are linked to previous purchases, thanks to the aid of recommendation algorithms and search engine prediction tools.

E-commerce is the only thing during the pandemic

As an e-commerce service provider, the most significant influence on e-commerce has been during the pandemic. To prevent being infected during the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone must purchase online. People have become accustomed to buying anything online, even though it has harmed eCommerce firms since they can only offer the basics if we see it from future references. This will undoubtedly help the company's operations in the future. People will also avoid going to marketplaces for a long period or until things return to normal as a preventative measure. All of this will benefit eCommerce businesses.

Diversity in products

Consumers now have access to a vast array of products thanks to eCommerce. eCommerce makes it feasible to have numerous brands, colours, and even pricing on separate websites. For example, a customer can search ten websites to discover the greatest offer for him. Another reason for increased variety is that many eCommerce websites have their manufacturing operations, which allows them to provide a wider choice of products to customers than traditional retailers.

Smart shopper

As an e-commerce service provider, it is necessary to have a strong network. Customers tend to do their research online when deciding where to buy a product, especially more expensive items. Even if they purchase a product in-store, buyers are more likely to conduct preliminary research online. Before making a purchase, 81 per cent of buyers seek research online. This is a significant number, emphasising the significance of being discovered on social media, in Google searches, and wherever else your consumers may be. Understanding your target market and how they purchase items may help you gain their confidence and expand your client base. If you provide your consumers with all the appropriate information at the right moment while they are investigating a product, they may opt to buy from you rather than in-store.


For both businesses and consumers, the future of e-commerce will certainly be full of exciting developments and breakthroughs. It's critical to maintain your finger on the pulse of changes in the e-commerce market if you are an e-commerce service provider. Consume as much knowledge as possible on the subject of e-commerce – this will give you an advantage over your competitors. The best advice is to keep learning. The more you learn, the more experiences you gather.

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